Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren

Andrew & Molly give us their top fives for bests gifts for food lovers from treats to kitchen gadgets to cookbooks. They've got you covered. Plus, they answer a very special listener question.

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We get a call from award-winning bakers (and Minnesotans) Lois Thielen & Candy Freeman to discuss all things holiday baking. They give us their tips and tricks for baking delicious holiday treats. Plus, Andrew and Molly talk food poisoning.

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James Beard Award-nominated chef Michelle Gayer joins Andrew & Molly in studio to talk pastries, women in the food industry, and the late Chef Charlie Trotter. Plus, Andrew & Molly answer a listener question about Wisconsin eats.

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Dana Goodyear is a staff writer for The New Yorker, and recently released her first non-fiction book, Anything That Moves. She joins Andrew & Molly to discuss her new book, food writing, and the emergence of the new American cuisine. Plus, Andrew & Molly answer the question: how do I properly season my cast-iron cookware?

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Cookbook author extraordinaire Judith Choate joins Andrew & Molly on this week's Go Fork Yourself to discuss bringing family meals back into the kitchen, how to make sure your Thanksgiving dinner is a success, and how to impress as a guest. Plus, Andrew & Molly reveal their travel philosophies.

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610 Magnolia's Edward Lee joins Andrew & Molly to talk about race in the food world, how culinary careers have changed, and adding his personal take to Southern cuisine.

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Mr. Pittsburgh himself, Rick Sebak, joins us this week to talk about his city, the food, and why Pittsburgh is the next big thing. Plus, Andrew & Molly talk about grinding your own meat at home.

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Chef John Besh joins Andrew & Molly to discuss learning from mistakes in the kitchen, getting families back into the kitchen, and the amazing work he is doing with the John Besh Foundation. Plus, Andrew & Molly talk Halloween.

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Andrew & Molly recap their weekend at the New York City Wine & Food Festival. Molly shares her big news. Plus, we have 5 Questions with Hugh Acheson, Guy Fieri (with a cameo from Nadia G.), Doug Quint & Bryan Petroff of Big Gay Ice Cream, and Johnny Iuzzini.

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Acclaimed meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda joins Andrew and Molly on the podcast this week to talk about the meat biz, the ideal burger, and Andrew & Pat make a special announcement. 

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