Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren

Andrew & Molly are joined by Stephanie Soechtig, the director of the documentary Fed Up. They discuss the misinformation surrounding food and health, the importance of making a change, and what we can do to stop the epidemic. Plus, their last-minute thoughts before Molly's wedding and the closing of Union Square Cafe.

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We discuss all things gluten on this week's Go Fork Yourself. Along with Elissa Altman of Poor Man's Feast, Andrew & Molly work their way through the problems of the gluten-free label. Elissa also shares her advice for food writers and talks about her upcoming book.

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Andrew & Molly are joined by GMO-expert Dr. Scott Fahrenkrug of Recombinetics to discuss the hot-button topic of genetic modification. Plus, Andrew shares his tips for incorporating bull testicles into your diet and what to do with all of that lemon zest.

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ProjectExplorer.org creator Jenny Buccos joins Andrew & Molly to talk travel, education, and bringing the world closer together. Plus, Andrew gets mad about the word "authenticity" and Molly goes DIY.

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