Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren

To celebrate the end of a great year, here is part two of our Best of 2014 episodes. One of our favorite interviews from 2014, Andrew sat down with Alton Brown in his trailer on the Cutthroat Kitchen lot to have a very honest and personal conversation about work, obsession and purpose.

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It's part one of our favorite moments from 2014! Michael Symon talks about his hometown, Cleveland. Kevin Pang shares his insight into food journalism. Andrew's son, Noah asks Molly the important questions. Lidia Bastianich tells us about how she has seen the food world change. And Guy Fieri talks about how his public image doesn't match who he really is.

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Andrew & Molly share their favorite gift ideas for the food and travel lovers in your life. Plus, Molly's bathroom prank and they give the Icarus Award to a man claiming to have cured alcoholism.

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Paleo author Danielle Walker explains how changing her diet saved her life, and they discuss why cooking is a spiritual experience. Plus, Molly shares her Pumpkin Pie story and Andrew tells us all about sous vide cooking.

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