Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren

On this special episode of Go Fork Yourself, Andrew has a conversation with Alton Brown about challenges in the food entertainment industry, obsession, and finding purpose.

Be sure to check out Alton's interview of Andrew on The Alton Browncast. 

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Guy Fieri joins Andrew and Molly to discuss balancing family and business, his new book, Guy on Fire, and being misunderstood. Plus, what to do when you are not happy with restauarant service.

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Author of New York Times bestseller Blood, Bones, and Butter, and NYC chef Gabrielle Hamilton joins Andrew & Molly to talk about her new cookbook, how to hold back, and honesty. Plus, restaurant recommendations for Maine and why Eddie Huang has got it going on.

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Andrew tells Molly about his weekend at the James Beard Foundation Awards from the Derby party at Eleven Madison Park to his meeting with Martha Stewart. Then Lidia Bastianich joins them for a special Mother's Day edition of Go Fork Yourself. Plus, the Zimpostor and where to grab a bite in Arizona.

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Andrew and Molly are joined by chef and author Ben Ford to talk about his new book, Taming the Feast,  being a craftsman (influenced by his father, Harrison Ford), and cooking a salmon in the dishwasher. Plus, Andrew and Molly talk about their weekend at Austin Food & Wine, and how to improve your cooking skills.

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