Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren

Andrew and Molly talk about the state of fine dining in America and how we are approaching the fine dining experience. Plus, Andrew shares from favorite stories from the South Beach Wine & Food Festival weekend, and they both give advice on shopping for new kitchenware.

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A throwback to one of our favorite interviews with friend of the show, Tim Ferriss. Tim talks about rapid learning, his approach to food and why hunting was an important experience for him.

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We celebrate the season of love by letting our crushes know how we really feel. Andrew, Molly and many of our food-loving friends like Lidia Bastianich, Hugh Acheson and Dana Cowin pour their hearts out on this special Valentine's Day episode of Go Fork Yourself.

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Chef Paul Kahan talks about the restaurant business, the importance of hospitality and why he finds the time to be a mentor to his staff. Plus Andrew and Molly discuss their major gripe with restaurant reviews.

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