Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren

Molly tries to recover from a State Fair hangover while Andrew is disappointed about some new fair foods. Plus, they share restaurant recommendations for Boston and their favorite ways to prepare pork. 

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Trisha Yearwood is the real deal. She's a Grammy Award-winning singer, host of the Emmy Award-winning Trisha's Southern Kitchen, and an overall awesome person. Trisha joins Andrew and Molly to talk about Nashville, karaoke, and Trisha's new projects. Plus, Andrew and Molly voice their frustrations with new Twin Cities restaurants.

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Cookbook author and host of Food Network's The Kitchen Katie Lee joins Andrew and Molly to talk about West Virginia, her time at Top Chef, and the pros and cons of being married to a public figure and starting her own career.

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Give it wings! Andrew quizzes Molly on her diner lingo knowledge. Are crickets going to be hitting grocery store shelves? Plus, Andrew and Molly share their top five travel destinations--domestic and international. 

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Andrew calls in from New York to talk with Molly about changes in the Minneapolis food scene, some new projects, and how to get over an aversion to some textures. 

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