Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren

We’re celebrating our one-year anniversary here at Go Fork Yourself! Andrew calls in from L.A. to fill Molly in on his awesome food week. Plus, they discuss the challenge with sustainable seafood.

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Andrew calls into Food Works HQ from L.A. He and Molly talk about their favorite places to eat in the city of angels.  Plus, they discuss the Heart Attack Grill in  Las Vegas, and new studies that show a link between diabetes and diet sodas.

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Queens. Super Bowl. Valentine's Day. Patent trolls. Anderson Cooper. We cover it all on this week's Go Fork Yourself.

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On this week’s Go Fork Yourself, find out what Andrew serves on game day, who Andrew and Molly will be cheering for in the Super Bowl, and why Andrew is pro-Beyoncé. Plus, they talk about The Taste and the Yelp reviewer card.

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