Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren

Andrew and Molly go on a field trip to the Minnesota State Fair. They talk fair food, butter queens and Ye Old Mill. This episode is filled with fun snippets from the fair including interviews with Martha Rossini Olson from Sweet Martha’s Cookies and Carla Wood from Carl’s Gizmo. 

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With the launch of Andrew's new food truck, AZ Canteen, Andrew and Molly discuss food trucks. Andrew calls in from Alaska (sorry for the poor sound quality, the reception was not great) to talk trucks, Florida, and bears, oh my! Then, Molly chats with our friends Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, which leads to maybe one of the greatest preferences to date: unicorns or rainbows?

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Get the inside scoop from Andrew and Molly on the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival, the update on the California foie gras ban, and their two cents on the Huang v. Samuelsson issue. Plus, Andrew talks a bit about what he’ll be up to in Chicago. 

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Andrew teaches Molly the ins and outs of cooking great Chinese cuisine at home. On this week’s Go Fork Yourself, find out what every cook should have in their kitchen to make Chinese dishes, the most common mistake made by American cooks, and why grocery store soy sauce just won’t cut it.

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This week on Go Fork Yourself, Andrew and Molly talk the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival, the Olympics, and the emergence of the celebrity chef in Hollywood. 

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