Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren

Sorry, Andrew's shoot went longer than scheduled and we weren't able to record the podcast this week. We'll be back next week with plenty to talk about! In the meantime, catch up on past episodes and  send us your preferences to info@andrewzimmern.com.

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Molly and Andrew talk flat tires, the Emmys, and the Celebrity Wife Swap of restaurants-- 21st Century Limited. Plus, we get to experience Molly’s first time shooting a gun and hitting a clay pigeon. 

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Andrew and Molly talk hunting on this week’s Go Fork Yourself. Andrew shares his recent experience hunting with a falcon and hawk, Molly talks about her next adventure and we get an update Next’s Kyoto menu.

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It’s back-to-school week, which means new teachers, new books and school lunches. Andrew and Molly discuss the state of school lunches in America and what needs to change. Plus, Molly talks with the director of Nutrition and Custodial Services at St. Paul Public schools and “Lunch-lady-in-chief” Jean Ronnei.  

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