Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren

What's an appropriate tip? 15 percent? 20 percent? None at all? Andrew and Molly discuss the custom of tipping on this week's podcast. Plus, they talk music and Andrew's Mr. Mom weekend.

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Molly returns from a weekend of dove hunting with friend of the show Georgia Pellegrini. She fills us in on her experience. Andrew gives tips on how to prepare doves. Plus, a foie gras-ban update, new food TV shows this fall, and more of Andrew and Molly's restaurant pet peeves.

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Andrew & Molly take a look at Eater's Airing of Grievances series, and give their two cents. Molly has her own grievances, and Andrew defends chefbros. Plus, they talk Prince, tipping, and Marilyn Hagerty.

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Noah Namowicz from Café Imports join us to discuss a Go Fork Yourself  favorite—coffee. He fills us in on how to make the perfect cup of joe at home. Plus, Andrew & Molly talk cookbooks, beef tongue, and Andrew’s special connection to Ina Garten.

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Andrew & Molly belly up to the bar at Turf Club in St. Paul, Minn., to record the podcast this week. They discuss the upcoming season of Appetite for Life, the ramen burger, Bon Appetit's Best New Restaurants, and we get a lesson on fish anatomy.

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We cover it all on this week's Go Fork Yourself. Andrew calls in from New York City and discusses his recent travels to Cleveland and New York. Molly goes on a road trip with "The Situation"? Plus, lab-grown burgers, MTV, and we take a couple of questions from the GFY Hotline.

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The new Go Fork Yourself hotline. Ice cream. And how to cook the best hamburger. Andrew and Molly pay tribute to summer on this week's episode of Go Fork Yourself. Get their tips and tricks on creating the perfect burger at home, and find out their recommendations on where to find a good burger on the road.

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Andrew is back at Food Works HQ to discuss the Hamptons with Molly. He shares stories from the James Beard Chefs & Champagne event including how his dad almost got into a fistfight. Then, James Beard award-winning writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl joins Molly to talk about wine.

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Andrew calls in from the road on this week's Go Fork Yourself. Andrew and Molly talk about the hot weather, the real identity of Ruth Bourdain, and possibly the worst travel-recommendation article ever written. They let us know where visitors to the Twin Cities should really visit.

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Both returning from time at their cabins, Andrew and Molly talk about cabin life, old family recipes, and classic pranks. Plus, we hear Andrew and Molly's take on Paula Deen.

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