Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren

Andrew calls into Food Works HQ from LaGuardia Airport in New York. Andrew & Molly air their airline grievances, Andrew tells us about the upfronts, and they share their recommendations for Barcelona, Istanbul and more.

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Texas chef Tim Love joins Andrew and Molly on this week's Go Fork Yourself to talk grilling, Austin Food & Wine Festival, and more. Plus, Andrew fills us in on his vacation in Costa Rica.

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Molly finished her Whole30, so Andrew and Molly check back in with Melissa Hartwig to find out what's next. Then, they chat with Chef Jonathan Waxman of Barbuto about how he got to where he is today, his famous chicken dish and giving back.

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This week, Andrew & Molly talk about Michelin stars, drama at Carnegie Deli, and an update on the Gasthof's disaster. Plus, more on the Chowdown Countdown!

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Andrew & Molly are joined by adult film star James Deen to talk about his new webseries, "James Deen Loves Food." Plus, why Gasthof's in Minneapolis will never see their business, and Andrew's recommendations for Colombia.

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The nominees for the James Beard Awards were announced this week. Providence Cicero, the chair of James Beard Restaurant & Chef Awards committee joins Andrew & Molly to talk about the process of picking winners. Andrew & Molly give their predictions for this year's awards. Plus, they discuss Travel Channel's More Chowdown Countdown.

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It's episode 100 of Go Fork Yourself! Molly is in the "kill-all-the-things" stage of the Whole30 Program, and Andrew can't help but rub it in a bit. They talk pies and ice cream, new restaurants coming from Guy Fieri and Jonathan Waxman, and women in the food world. Plus, something Molly can eat on the Whole30...kidneys!

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At the beginning of next week, Molly will be embarking on a 30-day challenge to eat better with the Whole30. Melissa Hartwig of the Whole30 joins Andrew and Molly to discuss the benefits and challenges of the program. Plus, Andrew and Molly discuss the issues with shipping food.

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This is a very special BONUS episode of  Go Fork Yourself. We ran out of time last episode to share our interviews from South Beach Wine & Food Festival this weekend. We chat with Trisha Yearwood, Anne Burrell, Geoffrey Zakarian, and John Kunkel. Plus, an adorable interview with Andrew's son, Noah. That is not all. Andrew and Molly answer a question about a mystery Vietnamese dish and Andrew shares how to make the perfect scrambled egg.

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Josh Tetrick joins us from California to talk about Hampton Creek Foods' incredible plant-based egg. Andrew, Molly and Josh discuss sustainability, entrepenuership, and how we can make sure no one goes hungry. Look out for a special bonus episode of Go Fork Yourself later this week.

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