Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren (general)

We celebrate Go Fork Yourself's two-year anniversary with some of our favorite things: food news and listener questions! Andrew and Molly talk plant-based eggs, Cinnabon, James Beard Award semifinalists, whole hogs, and more.

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Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at  Go Fork Yourself! On this episode, Andrew talks about his amazing BBQ experience in Atlanta, Molly explains why she wants the James Beard Awards to move to Chicago, and they discuss why we should all add insects to our diets. Plus, they answer listener questions about baby food and interior farming.

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This week's Go Fork Yourself covers the serious topic of alcohol and drug addiction. Andrew shares his experiences as an addict and how to help if you know someone struggling with substance abuse. Plus, Andrew and Molly answer some listener questions about food memories and encouraging friends and family to try new foods.

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 Andrew and Molly talk about their plans for Super Bowl Sunday, Andrew shares his near death experience and Molly talks about going vegan for a week. Plus, find out how Andrew and Molly feel about reservations.

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Andrew calls in from Lima, Peru, to fill us in on his travels. Molly tells us about her trip to Cancun including some of her culinary finds. Plus, they discuss honeymoons.

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Go Fork Yourself returns this week with Andrew calling in from Miami. Andrew and Molly catch up, discuss their New Year's resolutions, and talk about the great Sriracha debate. Plus, they answer the question: what do I do with a whole chicken?

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Andrew & Molly give us their top fives for bests gifts for food lovers from treats to kitchen gadgets to cookbooks. They've got you covered. Plus, they answer a very special listener question.

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We get a call from award-winning bakers (and Minnesotans) Lois Thielen & Candy Freeman to discuss all things holiday baking. They give us their tips and tricks for baking delicious holiday treats. Plus, Andrew and Molly talk food poisoning.

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James Beard Award-nominated chef Michelle Gayer joins Andrew & Molly in studio to talk pastries, women in the food industry, and the late Chef Charlie Trotter. Plus, Andrew & Molly answer a listener question about Wisconsin eats.

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Dana Goodyear is a staff writer for The New Yorker, and recently released her first non-fiction book, Anything That Moves. She joins Andrew & Molly to discuss her new book, food writing, and the emergence of the new American cuisine. Plus, Andrew & Molly answer the question: how do I properly season my cast-iron cookware?

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